SMG – Usha Latchumanan College of Education


Staff Administrative and Teaching
Our college has been consistently having the staff as per the norms of the NCTE. The staffs in our college are highly experienced and fully equipped. Most of our staff have also completed M.Phil courses and doing Ph.D programmes(as Part-time Course). Our Faculty members attend the National Seminars conducted at Pondicherry University (by UGC)

Teaching Staffs


  • Mr. R.Thirumavalavan – M.Com., M.Ed.,  Ph.D


  • Ms. S.Usha – M.O.L., M.Ed.,Ph.D

Asst. Professor

  • Ms. R. Gavoussalya – M.A, M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D
  • Mr. M. Deivam – M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil., NET (Edu.), Ph.D
  • Mr. P. Kumar – M.Sc., M.A, M.Ed., NET (Edu.)
  • Mr. K. Selvam – M.A., M.Ed., NET (Edu.), Ph.D
  • Mr. C. Mathivanan – M.Sc., M.Ed., NET (Edu.), Ph.D
  • Mr. R. Umanath – M.Sc., M.A, M.Ed., NET (Edu.)
  • Mr. Ramachandran – M.A, M.Ed
  • Mr. Pushparaj – M.Sc, M.Ed
  • Mr. K. Kalaimurugan – M.Sc., B.Ed
  • Mr. M. Sathish – M.P.A (Master of Performing Arts)
  • Mr. N. Mahadevan – M.A, M.Ed

Non-Teaching Staffs

  • Mr. D Pradaban – B.Sc., M.Lis
  • Mr. T. Ponniyinselvan – M.A
  • Ms. V. Suganya – B.Sc., B.Ed
  • Ms. K. Gowri – M.Tech
  • Mr. C. Ganesan
  • Mr. G. Prabakaran
  • Ms. G. Jothi
  • Ms. B. Jeya